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The Eclipse MicroProfile project is aimed at
optimizing Enterprise Java for the microservices architecture.

Many innovative "microservice" Enterprise Java environments already exist in the Java ecosystem, including but not limited to:

These projects are creating new features and capabilities to address microservice architectures -- leveraging both Java EE and non-Java EE technologies.

The goal of this project is to iterate and innovate in short cycles, get community approval, release, and repeat.  Eventually, the output of this project could be submitted to the JCP for possible future inclusion in a Java JSR (or some other standards body).

Latest Releases: 

From December 14th, 2017 to May 18th, 2018

MicroProfile 2.02018-05-18
MicroProfile 1.42018-05-08
MP Config 1.32018-05-06
FT 1.1 2018-05-05
JWT Propagation 1.12018-05-04
MicroProfile 1.32018-01-03Review
Config 1.22017-12-15
Metrics 1.12017-12-15
Type Safe Rest Client 1.02017-12-15
OpenAPI 1.02017-12-14
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