MicroProfile® MicroProfile 1.3 Release Review

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MicroProfile 1.3


The community plans to provide one more MicroProfile release in 2017.  There were a couple of Components that didn't quite make the 1.2 train, so they are prospective candidates for MicroProfile 1.3.

  • MicroProfile OpenTracing 1.0
  • MicroProfile OpenAPI 1.0
  • MicroProfile Type-safe Rest Client 1.0
  • MicroProfile Metrics 1.1
  • MicroProfile Config 1.2

There may be other minor updates to the existing Components depending on feedback received after the MicroProfile 1.2 release.

This release will not entertain updates to the Java EE specs to the Java EE 8 levels.  That type of effort will be covered by the MicroProfile 2.0 release.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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