MicroProfile® OpenTracing 2.0 Release Review

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OpenTracing 2.0


Incompatible changes

Update OpenTracing API to 0.33.0 (#177)

The following APIs were removed:

  • Scope = ScopeManager.active(): no alternative, the reference Scope has to be kept explicitly since the scope was created.

  • Scope = ScopeManager.activate(Span, boolean): no alternative auto-finishing has been removed.

  • Span = Scope.span(): use ScopeManager.activeSpan() or hold the reference to Span explicitly since the span was started.

  • Scope =SpanBuilder.startActive(): use Tracer.activateSpan(Span) instead.

  • Span = Tracer.startManual(): use Tracer.start() instead.

  • AutoFinishScopeManager: no alternative, auto-finishing has been removed.

Other changes

  • Exclude transitive dependency on javax.el-api (#196)

  • Make OSGI dependency provided (#190)

  • Remove OpenTracing API from WAR in TCK (#183)

  • Update Arquillian version in TCK to 1.6.0 (#168)

  • Use Jakarta EE 8 APIs instead of Java EE 7 and remove dependency on Jackson (#162)

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