MicroProfile® Reactive Messaging 2.0 Release Review

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Reactive Messaging 2.0


MicroProfile Reactive Messaging 2.0 release plan

In this release, MicroProfile Reactive Messaging aligns with Jakarta EE 8 and also have the following functional changes:

  • Add support for unmanaged stream injection using @Inject @Channel(…​)

  • Add support for emitters allowing emitting messages from imperative code

  • Add support for metrics

  • Add support for negative acknowledgement

  • Update default acknowledgement strategy when dealing with Message

  • Move metrics to the base scope

  • Assembly validation on application start

  • Add @ConnectorAttribute to allow connector configuration discovery

  • Add negative acknowledgement support

This is a major release because it changes its dependencies from compile to provided scope, which might break end users. There is no API breaking change.

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