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MicroProfile® Rest Client 1.2 Release Review

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Rest Client 1.2


MicroProfile Rest Client 1.2 adds the following new features:

- Generate HTTP headers en masse, including propagation of headers from inbound JAX-RS requests.

- New `@ClientHeaderParam` API for defining HTTP headers without modifying the client interface method signature.

- New section documenting the <<integration.asciidoc#integration>>.

- Clarification on built-in JSON-B/JSON-P entity providers.

- New `baseUri` property added to `@RegisterRestClient` annotation.

- New `connectTimeout` and `readTimeout` methods on `RestClientBuilder` - and corresponding MP Config properties.

- `ClientRequestContext` should have a property named `` containing the Rest Client `Method` currently being invoked.

- New SPI interface, `RestClientListener` interface for intercepting new client instances.

- New `removeContext` method for `AsyncInvocationInterceptor` interface.

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I have pushed this release to Maven Central (currently in staging) so that the MP OpenTracing team can pick it up for their testing/release. Once it is officially published on the Maven servers, the coordinates should be: