MicroProfile® Rest Client 2.0 Release Review

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Rest Client 2.0


This release is a major release of Rest Client which includes backward incompatible changes.

A full list of changes can be found on the MicroProfile Rest Client 2.0 Milestone

Backward incompatible changes

Prior to this release it may have been possible to use the MicroProfile Rest Client APIs with Java EE 7 APIs, which were added to the user application via the `compile` Maven scope. This is no longer possible as the APIs now depend on Jakarta EE 8 APIs and they must be provided by the implementation container (`provided` scope).


Additional release notes - Changes since 1.4:

  • Defined that CDI-managed providers should be used instead of creating a new instance, if applicable.
  • Support different configurations for collections used in query parameters.
  • Added proxy server configuration support.
  • Added configuration for automatically following redirect responses.
  • Added support for JSON-B configuration via `ContextResolver<Jsonb>`.
  • Added support for Server Sent Events.
  • Changed dependency scope for most dependencies to `provided`.
  • Update to use Jakarta EE 8 dependencies.
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