Eclipse Nebula NatTable 1.4.0



The NatTable 1.4.0 release contains several new features. The main ones are

  • Formula support
  • Fill drag handle
  • RichText support via Nebula RichText Control
  • Eclipse 4 CSS styling
  • Filterable dropdown controls (e.g. filter combo boxes)

It contains two new NatTable Extension Features for Nebula widget integration and Eclipse 4 support for CSS styling and selection handling support.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

We added two new extensions for Nebula widget integration and Eclipse 4 support. We used the existing extension approach to separate the NatTable Core from any additional dependencies. So a user/developer can decide whether he wants and needs for example to add the Eclipse 4 dependency for using CSS styling capabilities or not.

We also modified our NatTable features to include the dependencies to make the installation of NatTable and the usage in a feature based product easier for our consumers.


We had a quite active community in the Eclipse forum and Stackoverflow. There were also several bug reports and a few contributions this time.