Eclipse Marketplace Client 1.3

This release addresses specific concerns about MPC usability and significant bugs. It aims to make the installation process from the Eclipse Marketplace website via Drag&Drop more reliable across platforms and will provide improvements in the MPC UI.

Further, a stable public API for the Marketplace Client is planned, that will offer both lower-level access to the information provided through the Marketplace REST API, as well as higher-level access to discovery, search and install functions in the UI.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Luna
Name Date Description
M7 2014/05/07 Feature completion, will be available as part of Luna M7
RC1 2014/05/21 <p> Response to community feedback and updates to documentation </p><p> <a name="rampdown"></a><strong>Ramp Down:</strong> After RC1 is released, builds will be produced weekly until the final 1.3 release. In the RC phase only bugs marked P1 or higher or severity major or higher will be fixed. APIs will not change except to address critical fixes requiring approval of at least two committers. </p>
RC2 2014/05/28 Release Candidate
RC3 2014/06/04 Release Candidate
RC4 2014/06/11 Release Candidate
Final 2014/06/25 Release 1.3