Eclipse Marketplace Client 1.5.0

Primary tabs

This release introduces the possibility for users to manage their Marketplace favorites directly in MPC, facilitating the new Eclipse User Storage Service (USS). For this purpose, a new Favorites tab is added, listing the logged in user's favorites. The existing "star" button will show the current favorite status per entry and will allow togging the favorite without leaving MPC.

Automated discovery for better editor support of unknown file types has been added to the Eclipse Platform in this release and is backed by MPC to find matching editors on the Marketplace. Users will be informed if editors are found on the Marketplace when opening a file with a currently unbound file extension.

Furthermore, the installation workflow gets some simplifications, like skipping the feature selection wizard page if there are no optional parts to be (de-)selected.

Under the covers, this release begins a process of modernizing and cleaning up its code base, starting with its REST implementation and HTTP communication. This process is expected to continue through the coming service releases and extend to the UI codebase in the next minor release for Oxygen.


Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
This release is part of Neon.
Release Type: 
Minor release