Eclipse Marketplace Client 1.6.0

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This release focuses on making Marketplace Favorites a central element of the Marketplace experience. It helps users discover favorites by providing suggestions based on what's popular, as well as making it more easy to discover, view and import other users' favorite lists.

Changing favorites requires for the user to have an account at and to sign into it in the Marketplace Client. To make this more convenient and transparent to the user, has introduced an OAuth authentication endpoint. With this release, MPC will use OAuth and integrate with the OAuth account management in Eclipse provided by the User Storage SDK.

In addition, automated discovery for unknown project natures is provided by MPC, finding Marketplace entries for the missing natures and informing users if support plug-ins are found on the Marketplace when importing projects with unknown natures into the workspace. The similar editor discovery from last release will be improved to provide a clearer UX for users wanting to tweak the discovery.

Finally, this release introduces native Windows support for corporate proxies using NTLM or SPNEGO authentication relying on system tokens to authenticate the domain user. This should improve the Marketplace experience for users in such networks, no longer requiring them to manually configure alternative communication configurations in their eclipse.ini.

Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen.
Release Type: 
Minor release