Eclipse Marketplace Client 1.7.0

For the most part, this is a maintenance release. Major changes include:

  • Adding self-update capabilities to update the Marketplace Client through its Marketplace entry
  • Improving theme support and making the Marketplace Client look good with the Eclipse IDE Dark Theme
  • Updating the required Java version to Java 1.8 and refactoring the code to make use of the new Java 1.8 language features.
  • Updating the project license to EPL v2.0
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse Photon, Eclipse IDE 2018-09
Name Date Description
Photon RC1 2018/05/25 Feature complete
Photon RC2 2018/06/01 Release Candidate
Photon RC3 2018/06/08 Release Candidate
Photon RC4 2018/06/15 Release Candidate, final release build.
Photon GA 2018/06/27 MPC Release 1.7 as part of Eclipse Photon Release