Eclipse Marketplace Client 1.8.0

This release is the preparation for a new way of installing eclipse plugins via the marketplace website (or any other external website or tool). Additionally to the existing possibility to drag special links onto the MPC components, we now also added the possibility to install an URL protocol handler for the URI scheme "eclipse+mpc://". That way, eclipse plugins can be installed by simply clicking on a link on the marketplace website. Note that the marketplace website still needs to be adapted to support this new feature. Also a mechanism is needed that supports both the old drag and drop for older eclipse installations and the new mechanism.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-09
Name Date Description
2019-09 M3 2019/08/30 Feature completion
2019-09 RC1 2019/09/06 Release Candidate
2019-09 RC2 2019/09/13 Release Candidate
2019-09 GA 2019/09/18 MPC Release 1.7 as part of Eclipse 2019-09 Release