Eclipse Public Access Submission System (PASS)

The Public Access Submission System (PASS) is an open source platform designed to assist researchers in complying with the access guidelines, policies, and requirements of funders and academic institutions.

Federal policies increasingly require researchers to ensure that their research results are made publicly available in approved repository systems. The specifics of policy requirements and the capabilities of designated repository systems often vary based on the implementing agency. These inconsistencies present mounting challenges to compliance, especially when research is funded by multiple agencies. At the same time, many universities have implemented open access policies that require research to be made public in specific institutional repository systems. The combination of these requirements compounds the burden on researchers and their teams as they seek to remain in compliance with all applicable policies and requirements.

The PASS platform offers a unified approach to solving these challenges, allowing the researcher to fulfill the access policies of their institutions and funders through a single interface.


  • Presents researchers with a simple and customized web-based submission process
  • Collects and combines data about journals, grants, publications, metadata, submission policies, and submission requirements to pre-populate as much of the required information as possible
  • Guides researchers, or their appointed delegates, through the collection of the documents, manuscripts, data, and metadata that are needed to comply with all relevant policies
  • Submits the necessary data and files in the appropriate packaging format to each selected publication repository

PASS was created by the Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University, in collaboration with the Harvard University Office for Scholarly Communication, the MIT Libraries, and with inspiration from Jeff Spies, formerly of the Center for Open Science.

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