Eclipse RDF4J

Eclipse RDF4J™ is an RDF (Resource Description Framework) Java framework. It provides functionality for efficient and scalable parsing, storage, querying, and reasoning with RDF data, and a vendor-neutral access API for RDF databases (a.k.a.  "triplestores").

Some feature highlights:

  • full support for SPARQL 1.1 query and update;
  • fast and efficient parsing of all common RDF formats through the Rio parser toolkit;
  • an easy to use, lightweight, modern Java API for handling RDF in code;
  • support for RDF Schema reasoning as well as SHACL validation;
  • fast in-memory RDF database with optional file-backed persistence;
  • fast Native RDF database with full binary persistence to disk;
  • convenient access to third-party RDF database implementations and remote SPARQL endpoints

In addition to its primary use as a set of Java libraries, RDF4J also provides the RDF4J Server web application. RDF4J Server allows you quickly spin up an RDF database and publish it as a SPARQL Endpoint. The separately distributed RDF4J Workbench provides a (web-based) client user interface for an RDF4J Server, with a full SPARQL query editor (with completion features and syntax highlighting), and several convenient ways to manipulate or explore the data in any RDF database/SPARQL endpoint.

Latest Releases

From 2024-06-19 to 2016-08-17

Name Date Review
5.0.0 2024-06-19
4.2.0 2022-09-16
4.1.0 2022-07-28
4.0.0 2022-04-26
3.7.0 2021-05-20
3.6.0 2021-01-03
3.5 2020-12-10
3.4 2020-08-25
3.3 2020-07-24
3.2 2020-05-07
3.1 2020-02-06
3.0 2019-08-15
2.5 2019-03-07
2.4 2018-10-04
2.3 2018-03-22
2.2 2017-02-02
2.1 2016-10-20
2.0 2016-08-17
1.0 2016-08-17
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