Eclipse RDF4J™ 4.1.0

RDF4J 4.1.0 is a minor release focusing on performance.

A few notable features:

  • Major performance improvements[1]
    • 3x higher throughput for concurrent queries with the Memory Store
    • 25x faster deletion with the Native Store
    • 6x faster evaluation of SPARQL queries using MINUS with the Memory Store
    • 2-3x faster evaluation of most SPARQL queries with the Memory Store
    • Faster SPARQL query parsing
    • Faster SHACL validation
    • Passing the RDFS Reasoner Challenge posted by Justin
  • LMDB Store is available in the server and workbench
  • Fuzzy prefix support in the Lucene Sail
  • Improved handling of low memory in the Memory Store
  • Improvements to the Spring Components

[1] Performance improvements as measured in our benchmarks when compared to 4.0.3.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release