Eclipse Code Recommenders Move Snipmatch to Code Recommenders

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We will move part of the Snipmatch (org.eclipse.recommenders.snipmatch) repository from the incubator to the Code Recommenders project.

The code moved implements the Snipmatch snippet completion engine, a Git-based snippet repository, and a UI to view and edit snippets. An enhanced Xtext-based snippet editor is still under development and will stay in the incubator; it will not be move during the restructuring. The exact extend of the move can be reviewed in Gerrit.

After the move, the Snipmatch feature will become available from both Code Recommenders’ milestones and stable update sites. The (composite) Code Recommenders incubator update site will continue to offer this feature (amongst the other incubator features). Unless users explicitly refer to the update sites of the Snipmatch incubator project, they therefore won’t be affected by the move. In particular, users who have installed Snipmatch through the Eclipse Marketplace won’t be affected.