Eclipse RedDeer 2.7.0

We plan to improve code coverage, fight technical debt and make tests and CI more robust, also do not forget minor enhancements and features to be included in this release.

  • Implement functions for default Java in
  • Rethrowing ignored exception in operate server action
  • Add CBI maven signing module
  • Refactored java creation wizard pages
  • bug fixes
  • issue to be done in release: issues
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-09
Name Date Description
M1 2019/07/17 M1 release contributing 2019-09 M1.
M3 2019/08/30 RedDeer M3 milestone contributing 2019-09 SimRel M3 milestone.
RC1 2019/09/05 RedDeer RC1 contributing 2019-09 SimRel RC1.