Eclipse Scout 10.0.0



New Web Tool Stack

Scout updates the web tool stack from a custom implementation to a standard Node.jsWebpack and Babel based setup. This was required as some of the frameworks used until now (e.g. to minimize CSS and JavaScript code or to run JavaScript tests) cannot handle modern code and are no longer supported (end-of-life).

Thanks to the power of the new tool stack it is now possible to write modern JavaScript code which will be transpiled at build time so that old browsers can execute the code. Furthermore it is easier to integrate and update 3rd party JavaScript frameworks available in the huge npm registry.

IntelliJ IDEA Support

We are happy to announce Scout support for IntelliJ IDEA which combines the power of IntelliJ and Scout and gives you more flexibility in choosing your favourite development environment.

However as this is the very first version of the IntelliJ plugin not all features that are available in Eclipse are available in IntelliJ yet. We are working towards closing the gaps and bring your favourite features to IntelliJ as well. The features supported by the latest version can bee seen in the What’s New section of the plugin description. More features will come in future releases as soon as possible.

Various Widget Enhancements

As in every release, the Scout widgets got some new features. Some of them are:

  • Table: Visualize TableRows as Tiles

  • GroupBox: New MenuBar Position TITLE

  • TabBox: New Tab Style

  • RadioButton and CheckBox: Wrap Text

  • Popup: New Properties Closable, Movable, Resizable

  • and more

Please see the full release notes for details.

Also consult the migration guide for update instructions.

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