Eclipse Scout 5.0.0



The Scout 5.0 release comes with enhanced support of modular and extensible business applications and contains release updates for required components (e.g. Eclipse 4.5, RAP 3.0).

The release review doc is available on the PMI (here) and the Review page. To track the relase, bug 467053 is used.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Security Issues

There are no known security issues.

Non-Code Aspects

Scout Documentation/Tutorials etc. are mainly provided via the Scout Wiki.


The Scout team has updated the '''Scout Book''' book and added material regarding the use of UI widgets.

  • The progress of the Scout book may be monitored in the following output directory
  • Setup and process description on the Scout wiki


With the Neon release, Scout will come with a new common documentation platform based on Asciidoctor.

End of Life

Some functionality will be dropped completely with Scout 5.0. However, we expect this won't be an issue for most Scout projects.


Java Versions:

  • Java 6 is not supported anymore

Eclipse Versions: The following Eclipse versions that where previously supported or partially supported, are not supported anymore

  • Scout RT: 4.4 
  • Scout SDK: 3.7 

RAP versions:

  • RAP 2.3 is not supported anymore (the currently supported RAP version is 3.0)

In the Neon release, following components will no longer be available

  • Scout RAP renderer
  • Scout SWT renderer
  • Scout Swing renderer



Activities 2014

  • EclipseCon Europe: Booth + Talk
  • First Eclipse Scout User Group Meeting
  • Eclipse Finance Day Zurich: Co-organisation by BSI
  • Eclipse X-Mas Democamp Munich: Talk
  • Customer presentations


Activities 2015

  • OOP München: Booth
  • EclipseCon San Francisco: Booth
  • Javaland: Booth, Talk (Scout and IoT)
  • Demo Camp München: Co-organisation by BSI and Talk (planned)
  • Demo Camp Zurich: Co-organisation by BSI and Talk (planned)
  • Customer presentations


Current Status

  • Increasing activites on the Scout forum from outside BSI. 
  • First large scale business applications built outside BSI are live.
  • All committers are currently employees from BSI.

See the "Slides" page for the presentation material

This release is part of Mars