Eclipse sensiNact

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You can discover data available via sensiNact platform from various cities such as Santander, Genova, Fujisawa and Osaka cities at this link.

(click  the "+" button and click "Add" accepting the default gateway configuration data)


The Eclipse sensiNact project will in particular be dealing with the following technical aspects related to smart city platforms:

  • Connectivity: providing support for gathering data from various sources in urban environments (IoT devices, legacy devices, open data, social networks, participatory sensing mobile applications, etc.)
  • Interoperability: providing interoperability among heterogeneous urban data; providing developer friendly interfaces to access to data and action resources in cities in a uniformed way, supporting various state of the art remote access protocols
  • Data processing: mechanisms to extract actionable information from raw data
  • Developer Tool: providing a tool to build/deploy/manage smart city applications in an easy yet dependable way
Creation Review2017-04-05