Eclipse Voice Tools Project


The Voice Tools Technology Project will focus on Voice Application tools in the JSP/J2EE space, based on W3C standards, so that these standards become dominant in voice application development.  It will depend on and extend the XML and Web development capabilities of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project (/webtools/index.html.)   Voice Tools will be a set of Eclipse plugins that will provide development tools for W3C Standards/Recommendations for Voice application markup.

Initially, Voice Tools will consist of editors for VoiceXML, the XML Form of SRGS (Speech Recognition Grammar Specification), and CCXML (Call Control eXtensible Markup Language).  Implementations of other tools that implement W3C voice standards, such as the LexiconML (Pronunciation Markup Language), will be added as the standards solidify and the Voice Tools Eclipse community grows.

The Voice Tools editors will be extensions of the SSE(Structured Source Editor) from the Web Tools Platform Project, and will have the capability of syntactical validation and content-assistance of the markup tags for each of the W3C standards.  The DTD (Document Type Description) for the standard markup will be used to perform these functions, and the user will have the ability to choose the DTD from a preference page associated to each of the markup editors.  In addition, a new file wizard will be provided for each markup type, to create an "empty" file based on the required markup defined by the chosen DTD.

Name Date
3.0.0 2010-01-31
1.0.0 2006-02-21
Name Date
Termination Review 2016-05-18
1.0.0 Release Review 2006-04-19
Creation 2005-02-17