Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components)

Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components) develops the software components necessary to set up a federated system that interconnects several participants in a data and service infrastructure with each other, aiming to develop new data-driven services and innovative products. Such ecosystems consist of joined interconnected data and infrastructure ecosystems, aggregated in so-called Federations that are individually orchestrated and operated with the help of Federation Services, part of Gaia-X.

It consists of several components (mainly microservices) enabling federations in data ecosystems and providing interoperability across federations.

The Eclipse XFSC Toolbox provides a set of services for the functional implementation of Self Sovereign Identities, W3C credential management, Trust Services, database functions for knowledge graphs, usage policy negotiation and a core Low Code Engine. The main purpose is the operational uptake of federations as decentralized ecosystems.

Eclipse XFSC is to be seen as the implementation of a suite of solutions – providing for the minimum technical requirements to empower Federations to become operational and to allow organizations to participate in a world of Self Sovereign Identity and data ecosystems. The Eclipse XFSC toolbox defines a range of components necessary to fulfil the Gaia-X’s objective of building trust and interoperability, and ensuring participants retain sovereignty over their data. Concretely, the first set of services delivered are:

ICAM & Trust over IP (Identity, Credential and Access Management)

These services empower federated ecosystems, like federations, to authenticate and authorise users and systems in a decentralised, self-sovereign manner, ensuring trust without depending on a central authority. These services utilise credential validation and technology functionalities to maintain a consistent level of trust among all participants in the federation.

  • Authentication/Authorisation Service (AAS)
  • Organisation Credential Manager (OCM)
  • Personal Credential Manager (PCM)
  • Trust Services API (TSA)
  • Notarisation Service (NOT)
  • Trust Management Infrastructure (TRAIN)


Decenralised Catalogue and Contracting Service  (CCS)

The Decentralised Catalogue and Contracting Service  act as an inventory, allowing participants to discover, understand, and use available data in an ecosystem. The Federated Catalogue serves as a repository for a Federation, enabling participants to find each other's information and services through Self-Descriptions. The toolbox provides code for groups to create their own Catalogue and includes services for contract negotiations and tracking data transactions, giving participants control over their data usage within the group.

  • Federated Catalogue (CAT)
  • Self-Description Wizard (SD-Wizard)
  • Data Contract Services (DCS)
  • Data Exchange Logging Service (DELS)


Orchestration & Monitoring

Orchestration and Monitoring services are vital for managing complex ecosystems, ensuring seamless and compliant operations. The distinction lies in their focus and functionality: ORCE (Orchestration Engine) is tailored for orchestrating tasks, particularly emphasizing complex application networking, while ORC (Orchestration) is specifically designed for managing the life cycle of infrastructure services, including deployment, updates, and deletion based on actions from consumers or providers. Additionally, the Continuous Automated Monitoring (CAM) service ensures transparency through automated compliance monitoring, providing insights into service adherence to Federation rules.

  • Orchestration Engine (ORCE)
  • Service Mesh Orchestrator, (ORC)
  • Continuous Automated Monitoring (CAM)


Portal (POR)

The Portal within XFSC toolbox serves as an integration layer, highlighting Federation Services and providing user-friendly access to onboarding, accreditation, service discovery, orchestration, and delivery. It includes key features such as searching, exploring, and displaying content from the Federated Catalogue. Users can register and onboard new Participants, accessing onboarding details, with the Federation approving registrations and issuing verified credentials. Furthermore, Participants can orchestrate and provision services through the portal.



Apache License, Version 2.0

The content of this open source project is received and distributed under the license(s) listed above. Some source code and binaries may be distributed under different terms. Specific license information is provided in file headers and in NOTICE files distributed with the project's binaries.

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