Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components)


Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components) develops the software components necessary to set up a federated system that interconnects several participants in a data and service infrastructure with each other, aiming to develop new data-driven services and innovative products. Such ecosystems consist of joined interconnected data and infrastructure ecosystems, aggregated in so-called Federations that are individually orchestrated and operated with the help of Federation Services.

It consists of several components (mainly microservices) enabling federations in data ecosystems and providing interoperability across federations.

The Eclipse XFSC Toolbox provides a set of services for the functional implementation of Self Sovereign Identities, W3C credential management, Trust Services, database functions for knowledge graphs, usage policy negotiation and a core Low Code Engine. The main purpose is the operational uptake of federations as decentralised ecosystems.

Name Date
Creation Review 2023-04-19
2024.02 Progress Review 2023-01-07