Eclipse XWT

Eclipse XWT™ is a powerful declarative UI in XML for Eclipse. It is a thin layer of markup language by unifying Eclipse SWT/JIFace and Eclipse JFace Databinding in one.

It simplifies the UI development in Eclipse and open a door to provide more tools such as:

  • Visual editing using Windows Builder
  • Model Driven UI. Papyrus uses XWT to generate the "Properties View" for UML model editing.
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Latest Releases

From 2023-03-15 to 2013-12-19

Name Date Review
1.8.0 2023-03-15
1.4.100 2020-03-18
1.4.0 2019-05-29
1.3.2 2018-04-10
1.3.1 2017-11-01
1.3.0 2017-06-07
1.2.0 2016-06-22
1.1.0 2015-06-24
1.0.0 2014-06-25
0.11.0 2014-03-03
0.10.0 2013-12-19
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