Eclipse XWT 1.0.0

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This release fixes some bugs observed in 0.11.0 and integrates a new plugin org.eclipse.xwt.ui.workbench.

Here are the bugs fixed. 


  • Bug 425401 - [EMF] List data binding is not observed correct with EMF model
  • Bug 430635 - The IDataProvider doesn't work as expected.
  • Bug 425326 - Support of Read only property in bean model 
  • Bug 425376 - NPE when the columns list is empty in table 
  • Bug 425450 - StackOverflow in Table loading.


The purpose of the new plugin is to simplify UI development with Eclipse workbench. Precisely, it provides necessary classes to load UI in XWT resource file in eclipse workbench parts:

  • Static View Part
  • Dynmaic View Part
  • Dialog
  • Wizard
  • Properties View
  • Editor 

This plugin is provided in a delegated feature titled as "XWT Eclipse Workbench Integration".

Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
This release is part of Luna.
Release Type: 
Minor release