Eclipse XWT 0.11.0



The UI solution provided in 0.10.0 is limited to development standard Java Application over XWT/JFace with DataBinding. We need to provide some utilities to simply the integration of XWT over SWT/JFace with eclipse workbench.

It is a separated bundle that provides the following features

  1. Load the UI in XWT into View Part, Editor part
  2. Support of CSS
  3. Manage the communication and selection data between View Parts using the concept of Data Binding with Eclipse Context

Regardding to the first and second features, there is already a such solution when XWT was incubated in e4. We need to cleanup and update to the current Workbench.

As for the third feature, we have already started a POC. Here is a blog  

written by our commiter Erdal Karaca.


The following requests will be handled in this release:

Bug 423766 - Provide support for EditingDomain and the EMF commands framework

Bug 422455 - Provide a way to inject @UI into additional objects