Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling)

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    Jonah Graham


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    Gesa Hentschke

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    Greg Watson

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    Mat Booth

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    Torbjörn Svensson

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    Paul Maréchal

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    Martin Weber

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    Alexander Fedorov

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    Marco Stornelli

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    William Riley

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    John Dallaway

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    Jonah Graham

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    Nathan Ridge

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    Alexander Kurtakov

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    Thomas Corbat

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    Jeff Johnston

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    Elena Laskavaia

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    Vladimir Prus

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    Alvaro Sanchez-Leon

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    Marc Dumais

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    William Swanson

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    Marc-André Laperle

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    Sebastien Marineau

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    Patrick Chuong

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    Teodor Madan

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    L. Frank Turovich

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    Ed Swartz

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    David Dubrow

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    Ling Wang

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    Andrew Gvozdev

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    James Blackburn

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    Pawel Piech

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    Marc Khouzam

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    Randy Rohrbach

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    Ted Williams

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    Francois Chouinard

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    Emanuel Graf

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    Warren Paul

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    Sergey Prigogin

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    Jason Montojo

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    Mike Kucera

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    Andrew Niefer

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    David Inglis

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    John Camelon

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    Mikhail Khodjaiants

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    Alain Magloire

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    Doug Schaefer

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    Leo Treggiari

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    Andrew Ferguson

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    Vivian Kong

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    John Cortell

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    Anton Leherbauer

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    Keith Seitz

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    Ken Ryall

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    David Daoust

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    Norbert Ploett

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    Oleg Krasilnikov

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    Markus Schorn

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    Chris Recoskie

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    Mikhail Sennikovsky