Eclipse Corrosion™: the Eclipse IDE for Rust 0.3.0 Release Review

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Corrosion 0.3.0 ships incremental improvements and bugfixes.

Architectural Issues

The underlying language server (RLS) is still immature and fragile and ofter gives not-so-good results. Corrosion 0.3.0 doesn't embed the Language Server but offers way to install/update it, so end-users can decide to update their versions or try a snapshot build.

Security Issues


Non-Code Aspects

Corrosion was demo'ed at EclipseCon Europe.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

Corrosion uses the usual workflow of code edition in the Eclipse IDE as it mostly extends existing editor.

End of Life

Not applicable.




Corrosion 0.3.0 add 23 commits authored by 3 contributors.

The issue tracker is very active, with several end-users reporting issues, and a few of them being very active at investigating the causes and interacting with the RLS world.

During the development of Corrosion 0.3.0, Corrosion managed to get more attention from the RLS team that is taking its concerns and bug reports with bigger consideration as they used to.

This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2018-12, Eclipse IDE 2019-03