Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)

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We provide different online Update-Sites (listed below) as well as Update-Site Archives (for offline installation).

For our integration, milestones, and releases update-sites the following constraints hold:

  • These sites are hosted on and thus can be accessed via mirrors.
  • Only integration builds will be automatically promoted to the respective integration sites (every Friday), while milestone and release builds are only promoted manually on the respective occasion.
  • The contents of these sites are merged. While integration and milestones sites are usually cleaned up after a release, the release site preserves the complete releases history.
  • Update-site archives can be obtained in the download section.

For our CI update-sites (URLs listed below), the following constraints hold:

  • These sites are only hosted locally on as artifact of the last successful build job and may thus not be accessed via the Eclipse downloads area.
  • The contents of the site is produced by a respective Hudson build job of same name (gef-master, gef4-maintenance, gef-legacy-master, gef-legacy-maintenance) and gets replaced on each successful build job execution.