Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)

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The Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) provides technology to create rich graphical applications. It is currently driven in two streams:

  • The originally available production components Draw2d 3.xGEF (MVC) 3.x, and Zest 1.x, which support 2D-rendering on top of SWT as well as the creation of creating graphical editors and graph-based visualization views for the Eclipse Worbench UI, are still maintained but will not be further developed. 
  • The next generation production components, aka GEF4, are actively being developed in terms of smaller, more lightweight components that make use of JavaFX instead of SWT as underlying rendering technology and support building of rich graphical applications that can be integrated into the Eclipse Workbench UI (using a JavaFX-SWT-integration) or deployed standalone.
This project is part of Mars, Luna, Kepler, Juno, Indigo, Helios, Galileo, Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto.
Latest Releases: 

From September 23rd, 2011 to June 24th, 2015

3.10.0 (Mars)2015-06-24Review
3.9.101 (Luna SR1) New!2014-09-26
3.9.100 (Luna)2014-06-25
3.9.1 (Kepler SR1)2013-09-27
3.9.0 (Kepler)2013-06-26Review
3.8.2 (Juno SR2)2013-02-23
3.8.1 (Juno SR1)2012-09-23
3.8.0 (Juno)2012-06-27Review
3.7.2 (Indigo SR2)2012-02-24
3.7.1 (Indigo SR1)2011-09-23
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