Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) 4.1.0 (Neon.1)

This is a bugfix release that contains minor (1.1.0) respectively micro (1.0.1) revisions of the GEF4 production components (Common, Geometry, FX, MVC, Graph, Layout, Zest, DOT, and Cloudio). All API extensions are motivated by bugfixing reasons, the API is fully backwards compatible to that of the 4.0.0 (Neon) release.

The release does not include new revisions of the GEF legacy components Draw2d, GEF (MVC), and Zest. Instead, the 4.0.0 (Neon) release revisions are contributed to the simultaneous release.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
4.1.0 (Neon.1) M1 2016/07/25 API and Feature Freeze
4.1.0 (Neon.1) RC1 2016/08/22
4.1.0 (Neon.1) RC2 2016/08/29
4.1.0 (Neon.1) RC3 2016/09/05
4.1.0 (Neon.1) RC4 2016/09/12
4.1.0 (Neon.1) 2016/09/28