Eclipse Memory Analyzer 1.12.0

Release Date
  • Handle segmented zipped HPROF files.
  • Consider performance and memory usage improvements when handling huge dumps.

All messages visible to the end user are extracted into properties files and could be translated if required.

Messages from previous releases are in Babel.

Target Environments

Targets - all platforms supported by Eclipse 2021:06

  • macOS x86_64
  • Windows x86_64
  • Linux x86_64, PPCLE (Aarch64 might work but has not been tested)


  • Based on Eclipse 2021-03 or Eclipse 2021-06, so would require Java 11

Segmented GZIP HPROF files

OpenJDK Java 15 has segmented dumps and it would be useful if Memory Analyzer could read these.

Eclipse Foundation changes

Cope with changes to Eclipse build infrastructure. New CI VMs New signing URLs EPL-2.0