Eclipse Object Teams 2.3.0

Luna annual release (2.3) of Object Teams.

Main themes:


  • Adopt new features of Java™ 8 into the language OT/J
    • merge grammars and address potential conflicts
    • merge compiler implementation
  • Enable running OT/J programs on a Java™ 8 VM, by providing two alternative weavers
    • the traditional BCEL-based weaver is a mature technology that handles all of Java 7 and OT/J, but it cannot handle Java 8 class files.
    • a new ASM-based weaver will be first released with Luna, which can handle all elements of Java 8 byte code. Additionally, this weaver is capable of runtime weaving (as opposed to load-time weaving), However, this weaver needs more maturing before being enabled as the default
    • to support both weavers, the compiler can produce class files in two alternative formats.


  • Provide essential IDE support for the combination of Java 8 features with OT/J


  • Migrate to the Luna version of Equinox
  • Reduce dependence on Equinox-specific API in favor of standard OSGi API


Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Luna