Eclipse Object Teams 2.6.0

As part of the Oxygen simultaneous release, the Object Teams 2.6.0 release will focus on

  • Further hardening OTDRE (Object Teams Dynamic Runtime Environment, introduced in 2.3.0, required for working with Java 8).
  • Improving the debugging experience for OTDRE
  • Adoping upstream changes (e.g., the new index in JDT)
  • Regular maintenance of code and release engineering technology
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen
Debugging under OTDRE
The byte code executed at runtime doesn't directly match the structure of source code. For OTRE we have extensive support to hide this difference as much as possible and to enhance the visualization of some synthetic stack frames in the debug view. For OTDRE a similar level of support should be provided.
  • prefix in _OT$callOrig is lacking line information [468694] (target milestone: 2.6 M6)
  • byte code lacks some local variable attributes [506828] (target milestone: 2.6 M6)
  • debugger needs to refresh internal cache after redefineClasses [511696] (target milestone: 2.6 M6)
  • Avoid method breakpoints (oxygen version) [513120] (target milestone: 2.6 M6)