Eclipse Titan 6.1.0

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This version has the following new features:


·         support for mctr “reconf” command

·         command line debugger

·         advanced code splitting

·         makefilegen capability to handle .xsd files

·         makefilegen and compiler to handle file lists in files(compiler –J file or makefilegen –J file)

·         new compiler switch for decreasing variant errorlevel from error to warning

·         LTTng logger plug-in

·         encvalue/decvalue for ASN.1 types

·         Titan build  for ARM/Raspberry Pi

·         decmatch and @decoded

·         istemplatekind

·         select union

·         @nocase

·         Partial @deterministic support

·         Storing parts of received messages



A SoC document was added to describe compatibility with the XML  part of the standard. 


Lively activity of the Eclipse Titan forum; several contributions received (SocketCAN  test port, LTTng logger plug-in, blockwise handling in CoAP).