Eclipse Titan™ 6.6.0

This release introduces two new experimental Eclipse plug-ins:

-The Eclipse Java code generation plug-in, see:

and also: “Tutorial for the Java code generator and executor of the TITAN Eclipse”:

Note: due to the need to sync the C++ and Java side, a new restriction had to be introduced:

The version of the Eclipse plug-ins has to coincide with the version of the Titan core compiler and executor, else the plug-ins will not work.

This restriction is not present in versions 6.5.0 and earlier.

-The Eclipse Refactoring plug-in, see:

Next to some bugfixes, the release also contains the follwing new features:

  • Support for real-time testing in TITAN(continued from 6.5.0)
  • Extended 'default' JSON attribute for structured types
  • New command line option '-p' implemented for TTCN binaries (both in single mode and parallel mode), which lists all module parameters
  • Printing symbolic version in 'compiler -v'
  • Legitimized compiler option '-0'
  • Implementation of the compiler side of map param/unmap param
  • Colorized compiler error/warning messages
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Minor release