Eclipse Titan™ 6.2.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.




This version has the following new features:


•             new compiler options:

  -J:  Compiler (and xsd2ttcn, makefilegen) option to read input files list from a text file

  -N:  ignore UNTAGGED encoding instruction on top level unions (legacy behaviour)

•             support of encvalue/decvalue for ASN.1 types

•             support for implicit call of PER codec external functions

•             implemented:  ports with translation capability

•             support for concatenation of templates

•             implemented 'any from' clause and index redirects with the use of the @index modifier (see standard, chapters 21-23)

•             support for dynamic erroneous attributes

•             implemented @fuzzy support

•             support for external functions for decmatch and @decoded

•             no support of Solaris binaries from this release of Titan (older versions of course will continue to support Solaris)

•             makefilegen more restrictive on name attribute of the referenced project

•             makefilegen: remove generated headers dependency from all .c .cc files 

   (This will revert the following bugs: Bug 499963 - The generated Makefile does not make full build

    when -j switch is present ; Bug 512688 - makefilegen: Incorrect .c and .cc compiling rule )

•             XER: allow anytype to be xer enc/decodable

•             JSON 'as value' attribute extended for records/sets with one field and for the anytype

•             "make archive" button in Eclipse

•             support for "make port" command in Eclipse

•             plug-in dependencies have been changed to Jung 2.1, Google Guava 21.0 instead of Jung 2.0 and Apache Common Collections.

•             Security functions have been added to the library TCCUsefulFunctions

•             IPL4 test port control from config file has been added

•             Protocol module variants from negative testing have been added to MQTT and CoAP 


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