Eclipse Titan™ 6.2.0

This version has the following new features:


•             new compiler options:

  -J:  Compiler (and xsd2ttcn, makefilegen) option to read input files list from a text file

  -N:  ignore UNTAGGED encoding instruction on top level unions (legacy behaviour)

•             support of encvalue/decvalue for ASN.1 types

•             support for implicit call of PER codec external functions

•             implemented:  ports with translation capability

•             support for concatenation of templates

•             implemented 'any from' clause and index redirects with the use of the @index modifier (see standard, chapters 21-23)

•             support for dynamic erroneous attributes

•             implemented @fuzzy support

•             support for external functions for decmatch and @decoded

•             no support of Solaris binaries from this release of Titan (older versions of course will continue to support Solaris)

•             makefilegen more restrictive on name attribute of the referenced project

•             makefilegen: remove generated headers dependency from all .c .cc files 

   (This will revert the following bugs: Bug 499963 - The generated Makefile does not make full build

    when -j switch is present ; Bug 512688 - makefilegen: Incorrect .c and .cc compiling rule )

•             XER: allow anytype to be xer enc/decodable

•             JSON 'as value' attribute extended for records/sets with one field and for the anytype

•             "make archive" button in Eclipse

•             support for "make port" command in Eclipse

•             plug-in dependencies have been changed to Jung 2.1, Google Guava 21.0 instead of Jung 2.0 and Apache Common Collections.

•             Security functions have been added to the library TCCUsefulFunctions

•             IPL4 test port control from config file has been added

•             Protocol module variants from negative testing have been added to MQTT and CoAP 

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