Eclipse Titan™ 7.1.0 Release Review

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Next to some bugfixes, the release also contains new features and backward incompatible changes.

New features:

  • On the C side the most important new feature is the support of the Object-Oriented Extension of the TTCN-3 standard (please note, it is a feature in progress with some features still missing as described in the Bugzilla bug 552011).
  • On the Java side we have greatly improved the processing speed by parallelizing some of the operations to make use of multi-core CPUs:
    • Titanium code smell checkers will be run in parallel
    • The semantic checking of TTCN-3 and ASN.1 modules will be run in parallel (when there is no dependency between the modules)
    • The syntactic checking (parsing) in case of project hierarchies can be run in parallel on several projects
  • Also on the Java side we have added support for JSON encoding/decoding.

Backward incomaptible changes:

  • 'omit' matching mechanism is no longer allowed for union fields
  • To fix a compilation issue in the Java code generator when used with very large modules we had to change where the typedescriptors are generated into the generated code.
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