Eclipse WindowBuilder 1.6.0

We had the following major themes for our Kepler release:

Ensure that WindowBuilder works great with Eclipse 4.3

As the Kepler simultaneous release is going to be based on Eclipse 4.3, WindowBuilder needs to work properly when installed as a feature in an Eclipse 4.3 IDE.

Better support for non-Java UI frameworks

WindowBuilder needs to provide better support creating creating non-Java UI frameworks. The core Java support is built into the core WindowBuilder libraries and needs to be extracted into its own plugin. This will leave the core WindowBuilder API agnostic to language and make it much easier to create UI builders for non-Java UI frameworks.

Community support

The WindowBuilder team needs to continue supporting users who wish to use WB to create their Swing and SWT user interfaces as well as developers wishing to use WB as a base for creating their own custom UI builders.


Release Date
This release is part of Kepler
Name Date Description
1.6.0 2013/06/26 WB 1.6.0 should be released and included in the Kepler simultaneous release
1.6.1 2013/09/27 WB 1.6.1 should be released and included in the Kepler SR1 release