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Eclipse EdiTDor

Thursday, June 18, 2020 - 11:08 by Anonymous (not verified)
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W3C Web of Things Thing Descriptions (TD) and Thing Description Templates (TDT) are used to describe the capabilities of connected devices. TDs and TDTs use JSON-LD as representation, which can be difficult to understand and write for users, who are new in this subject and are trying to write their first TD(T)s. The goal of this project is to create a visual tool that allows to easily create, display and edit TDs and TDTs.


Eclipse EdiTDor provides a Thing Descriptions Template authoring tool that follows the new standard of the W3C Web of Things Thing Descriptions (TD). It supports newcomers who would like to get assistance in creating (valid) TD(T)s from scratch as well as experts in designing and managing the content of TD(T)s. EdiTDor is intended to be open source and should be easy to run as a web application like in a web browser, in a local environment or simply embedded in existing frameworks or platforms.


The tool will be developed using web technologies in a way that allows to easily integrate and embed it into other web applications. The tool will cover the following features:

  • Creating a new Thing Description (Template) from scratch
  • Rendering a Thing Description (Template)
  • Editing the Thing Description (Template)
  • Validating the Thing Description (Template)
  • Exporting the Thing Description (Template) from the visual representation into JSON-LD
Why Here?

This project would be a great addition to other IoT-related projects that are already in the Eclipse Foundation:

  • Eclipse Thingweb, which is already working with the Web of Things standards
  • Eclipse Vorto, which could re-use this tool to simplify the creation of Vorto models
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