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Eclipse ThreadX

Thursday, October 12, 2023 - 15:59 by Stefan Wick
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Eclipse ThreadX is an embedded development suite including a small but powerful real-time operating system that provides reliable, ultra-fast performance for resource-constrained devices. It’s easy-to-use and market-proven, having been deployed on more than 12 billion devices worldwide. Eclipse ThreadX supports the most popular 32-bit microcontrollers and embedded development tools, so you can make the most of your team’s existing skills.


Eclipse ThreadX provides a vendor-neutral, open source, safety certified OS for real-time applications published on under a permissive license. Eclipse ThreadX is the first and only RTOS in the market that has all four of those attributes and comes with a complete embedded development suite.

Why Here?

Continue and broaden access to the ThreadX / Azure RTOS technology under the Eclipse Foundation. Evolve product capabilities and list of supported microcontrollers as a community driven project.

Project Scheduling

November 2023 - initial contributions

January 2024 - first build/release

Future Work

TBD - will be driven by semiconductor vendors and other partners in the community to evolve the product in alignment with latest MCU capabilities


Eclipse ThreadX provides a vendor-neutral, open source, safety certified OS for real-time applications published on under a permissive license.

The Eclipse ThreadX suite encompasses:

  • ThreadX - advanced real-time operating system (RTOS) designed specifically for deeply embedded applications
  • NetX Duo - advanced, industrial-grade TCP/IP network stack designed specifically for deeply embedded real-time and IoT applications
  • FileX - high-performance, FAT-compatible file system that’s fully integrated with ThreadX kernel
  • GUIX - provides a complete, embedded graphical user interface (GUI) library
  • USBX - high-performance USB host, device, and on-the-go (OTG) embedded stack, that is fully integrated with ThreadX kernel
  • LevelX - Flash Wear Leveling for FileX and stand-alone purposes
  • GuiX Studio - design environment, facilitating the creation and maintenance of all graphical elements for CUIX
  • TraceX - analysis tool that provides a graphical view of real-time system events to better understand the behavior of real-time systems
Project Leads
Interested Parties

ST Microelectronics



Silicon Labs




Witekio (an Avnet company)




Initial Contribution

Initial contribution will consist of the repos currently under this organization:

This is an existing, mature code base that has been developed over 20 years.

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In my project, I am using Infineon MCU which has TriCore architecture. I could not see the Infineon in the list. So I am wondering if is there an Azure RTOS port for Infineon TriCore. Can I use Eclipse ThreadX in my projects that include Infineon Aurix TriCore MCUs? If it is not currently is there any planned partnership with Infineon?

Also, is safety artifacts of the RTOS shall be provided by the Foundation?

Best regards.