Eclipse MicroProfile 1.1 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Now that we have successfully passed our Initial Contribution Questionnaire review, we are prepping for the official MicroProfile 1.1 release.


MicroProfile 1.1


MicroProfile 1.1 contains the contents of MicroProfile 1.0 (JAX-RS 2.0, CDI 1.2, and JSON-P 1.0) plus the new MicroProfile Config 1.0 API.

API Certification: 

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Security Issues: 


Conleth F's picture

Great release. It combines the contents of the old and new version. admin.

Kevin Sutter's picture

Now that we have completed the initial CQ for MicroProfile, I am re-submitting this request for the MicroProfile 1.1 Review.  Thank you.

Kevin Sutter's picture

I'm trying the release process for MicroProfile 1.1.  Since the next Review is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21, I might be too late for this cycle.