Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java™ 1.2.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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The goal of the Mobile Tools for Java TM (MTJ) project is to extend existing Eclipse frameworks to support mobile device Java application development. MTJ will enable developers to develop, debug and deploy Mobile Java applications to emulators and real devices. The base code of MTJ is EclipseME version 1.7.9.

MTJ was part of the Helios release train and it was also included in the Eclipse Pulsar Package. Most of the features requested by the users are already implemented.

Next MTJ release will be part of Indigo release train. The main focus of this release is bug fixes. The plan is to address as much as possible all issues that are raised from the community after the 1.1 release. Besides that, there are some external contributions that will also be available, and some issues on the API that need to be fixed.

MTJ 1.2 scope is listed below

  • Fix major bugs of MTJ 1.1.x,
  • small API improvements.
  • ...


This release is part of Indigo