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Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java™ project creates tools and frameworks to extend the Eclipse platform to support embedded and mobile device Java application development.


  • September 15, 2015, Mobile Tools for Java™ 2.0.1 is released.

    Mobile Tools for Java™ (MTJ) 2.0.1 release is focused on bug fixes and support of latest Eclipse Mars.
    The scope of MTJ 2.0.1 is listed below:
    • Migration to Eclipse Mars
    • Better Javadocs detections for libraries that represent the same logical API but correspond to different API versions
    • Bug fixes
  • November 14, 2014, Mobile Tools for Java™ 2.0 is released.

    Mobile Tools for Java™ (MTJ) 2.0 release is making MTJ plugin IoT ready by supporting Java™ ME 8 platform. Java™ ME 8 is the major update of the Java™ ME technology as a modern embedded software platform, purpose-built as a foundation for new services in the Internet of Things (IoT). MTJ 2.0 is based on Eclipse Luna and provides a support for CLDC 1.8 configuration (JSR 360), MEEP 8.0 profile (JSR 361) and better IMP-NG profile (JSR 228) support.

    Other improvements in this release includes new extensible Code Validation Builder that provides an ability to perform pre-compilation analysis and generates warnings by 3rd party plugins created on top of MTJ, support for Java™ ME APIs javadocs in zip archives and a lot of bug fixes. 


This project is part of Indigo, Helios, and Galileo.
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