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The Eclipse RedDeer project is an extensible framework used for development of automated SWT/Eclipse tests which interacts with application’s user interface. RedDeer provides the PageObjects API for comfortable testing of standard SWT (Buttons, Trees..), JFace (UIForms), Workbench (Views, Editors, ..) and Eclipse (Wizards, Preferences,...) components and also allows creating and extending your own components. RedDeer also provides capabilities to work with graphical editors based on GEF or Graphiti.

Eclipse RedDeer is extensively tested on 3 major platforms - Windows, MacOSX and Linux to ensure that all nuances in the SWT implementations are handled correctly. Examination of test results in CI environment is easier thanks to capturing screenshots on test failures and collecting Eclipse Platform log.

This project is part of 2018-09, and Eclipse Photon.
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From September 19th, 2017 to September 22nd, 2018

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