Eclipse Automated Driving Open Research (ADORe)

Eclipse ADORe provides a modular software library and toolkit for decision making, planning, control and simulation of automated vehicles.

Eclipse ADORe core components are:

  • libadore/env: Library for environment models used for automated driving
  • libadore/view: Interface library for abstraction from environment models, which allows to supply representation-independet and task specific information to vehicle automation planning and control modules
  • libadore/fun: Library of motion planning and control modules for automated vehicles
  • libadore/sim: Library containing necessary simulation modules for vehicle motion, perception and communication
  • libadore/apps: Library with exemplary, system-independent automated driving applications, composed from above modules
  • adore_if_ros: Interface to ROS: ROS-specific realization of libadore/apps. Includes a set of ROS launch-file simulation examples.
  • adore_if_ros_msg: Set of ROS-messages for automated driving and simulation thereof
  • sumo_if_ros: A bridge between Eclipse SUMO and ROS, which allows coupling of adore_if_ros with SUMO for co-simulation of automated vehicles in urban traffic.
  • Plotlabserver and plotlablib: 3d data visualization with Matlab and Python-matplotlib export

Eclipse ADORe core functionality is developed in system-independent c++. It is provided with a build chain for gcc, cmake and catkin (ROS kinetic specific) as well as matching library dependencies and instructions for Ubuntu (18.04).

Latest Releases

From 2023-03-29 to 2023-03-29

Name Date Review
0.3.2 2023-03-29
Eclipse Public License 2.0

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