Artificial Intelligence

Eclipse Aidge

The Eclipse Aidge platform is a comprehensive solution for fast and accurate Deep Neural Network (DNN) simulation and full and automated DNN-based applications building. The platform integrates

Eclipse Service Lifecycle Management

Eclipse Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) provides a set of applications to manage the lifecycle of AI (artificial intelligence) services in production environments. The service lifecycle consists of

Eclipse Graphene

The goal of Eclipse Grapheneâ„¢ is to make AI and machine learning accessible to a wide audience by creating an extensible marketplace of reusable solutions, sourced from a variety of AI toolkits and

Eclipse Automated Driving Open Research (ADORe)

Eclipse ADORe provides a modular software library and toolkit for decision making, planning, control and simulation of automated vehicles. Eclipse ADORe core components are: libadore/env: Library for

Eclipse Repairnator

The goal of Repairnator is to be the reference open-source platform for automated repair. All kinds of repair are considered: test failure repair, compilation error repair, static warning repair, etc

Eclipse Deeplearning4j

The goal of Eclipse Deeplearning4j is to provide a core set of components for building applications that incorporate AI. AI products within an enterprise often have a wider scope than just machine