Eclipse MOSAIC™

Eclipse MOSAIC™ provides a multi-domain/multi-scale co-simulation environment for virtual testing of connected and automated driving and mobility solutions.

Eclipse MOSAIC™ comes with a runtime-environment for coupling discrete event simulators from multiple domains. Similar to the standardized coupling principles of IEEE High Level Architecture (HLA), simulators are embedded in a federate and the interface to the RTI is realized by an ambassador. Currently, the following simulators are already integrated:

  • MOSAIC Application for modelling vehicle functions, smart mobility applications, server and cloud applications, RSU functionalities, and more (part of this project)
  • Eclipse SUMO for large scale traffic simulation (third-party development under EPL 2.0)
  • ns-3 for communication simulation (third-party development under GPL)
  • OMNeT++ for communication simulation (third-party development)
  • MOSAIC Cell for simulation of cellular mobile networks including novel 5G features (part of this project)
  • MOSAIC Simple Network Simulator for fast simulation of ITS-G5 communication among vehicles (part of this project)
  • MOSAIC Environment for environment and event simulation (part of this project)
  • MOSAIC Output Generator for evaluation and visualization of simulation results (part of this project)

An advanced feature of dynamic co-simulation is the possibility to exchange simulators between simulation runs or even during run-time. This allows for quick setup of new simulation scenarios with a simple simulator and a later more detailed run with a more elaborate simulator. Additionally, reusing simulation scenarios but varying e.g. communication technologies such as ITS G5, LTE-V2X, and mobile networks is easily done with Eclipse MOSAIC™.


Latest Releases

From 2021-10-07 to 2020-10-19

Name Date Review
21.1 2021-10-07
21.0 2021-03-10
20.0 2020-10-19
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