Eclipse Theia 0.10.0

Release Date

Some highlights:

  • [task] added support for VS Code task contribution points: `taskDefinitions`, `problemMatchers`, and `problemPatterns`
  • [plugin] added support of debug activation events [#5645](

Breaking changes (so far):

  • [plugin] fixed typo in 'HostedInstanceState' enum from RUNNNING to RUNNING in `plugin-dev` extension
  • [plugin] removed member `processOptions` from `AbstractHostedInstanceManager` as it is not initialized or used
  • [plugin] added basic support of activation events [#5622](
  • HostedPluginSupport is refactored to support multiple `PluginManagerExt` properly

VS Code extensions compatibility, as Theia plugins.

Work is ongoing to improve VS Code extensions compatibility with Eclipse Theia, so that they can be used as-in in Theia, as plugins. This means work on the Theia extensions related to plugins, but as well on other extensions, that provide implementations for APIs that are needed for VS Code extensions compatibility.